Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Chad lost his Lego guy...named Glaciator. You know he looked and looked. Kept asking if I knew where he was. I did not. Really, truth be told...he could be anywhere! So Chad decided to put up missing signs. All over the house. Well Morgan was not to be outdone. She decided that she would also make some missing signs. Notice the difference between the two signs. Chad's are concise and noticeably more advanced. Morgan's on the other hand are HUGE! Who could miss them. There is one other big difference. Morgan has promised gold should her items be found. Well and Chad promises to clean his room for free! HOW GENEROUS!! Who is he kidding...I am going to search the house for his Lego...and he will in turn clean his room? Now I do not mean to imply that Morgan is somehow without guile....she has offered gold. Who wouldn't want gold? Only she told me it is "fools gold" that she found at Farmington Pond last year. To make matters worse...her dogs were on the top shelf of her closet...I thought I was going to win gold! Then I realized she took the dogs off her shelf and "lost" them in order to make signs! Little Weasel!!!

I must admit that I think my kids are funny. I think it was a clever way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I also can't wait for them to go back to school so I can take them down!


Sara's Memoirs said...

i think your kids are funny too. Boys... always trying to get out of something. girls.... always trying to manipulate. Same in every family. i love it!

jeni said...

That is awesome! I love reading about these two.

Falcon party tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m.