Friday, June 27, 2008

6 down and 2 to go

After a long season, the Dodgers were in a solid 2nd place. Tournament started and Chads team lost the first game, throwing them into the losers bracket. Not to was the shot they needed to battle back. Now with a 5 game streak they are playing for 1st place. They play tonight and if they win, again tomorrow. I think it is apparent that my boys are hot and tired. They both agree that 2nd place is really not that bad.
Oh by the way..Chad plays catcher, 2nd base, and center field. NOT PITCHER...not even one pitch in a real game. With tournament rules being what they are Charlie can not pitch his best pitchers tonight. He has to pitch #'s 3, 4, and 5! Start praying...Chad is #4. He is ready...certain he can seal the deal. I on the other hand am sick to my stomach.

Level 4

When we signed up for swimming I placed Morgan in level 3, one level above last year...but she is too good, so they moved her up to level 4. Its hard to believe she was nervous to swim just over a year ago. She is quite the swimmer these days. Floating skills..kick board skills...Morgan has skills all around!!

Back stroke? No problem! Breast stroke? Got it! Butterfly? Simple! Treading water? Well maybe in a few more lessons...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fathers Day

One of my favorite things about Charlies family is watching "the boys" play together. They usually play football, Charlie and Shawn are the quarterbacks and they divide the boys up. It is always a lot of fun. Ivette coordinated this family gathering and it really was fun. No Drama! Always a good day when there is no drama. We had some Mexican food, very rare for the MacQueens. In the end it only made me miss home. I need some good grub!!

Touch football in the backyard.
Chad, Spencer, Trey and Jacob in the corner.
Bailey, Peyton and Mya bouncing on the trampoline.
Kathy kickin' it in the hammock.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Home Run Derby

The one benefit of Charlie being on the baseball league board is KEYS!!! Keys to the lights, the pitching machine, and balls. So some friends of ours called and after the last game, 10pm we headed out for a little home run derby.

Sherman in his umpire uniform.
He still has it! Charlie had the most home runs!

Bryce was right behind Charlie in total runs..but he hit the house behind the fields so I would have to say he won!

Kade one of the boys Charlie coached on football was hitting!
Chad in full laker attire! He got under a couple and really hit them deep.

I think that Charlie has such a cool follow through stance. It was a good time for all. My friend Becky hit as well as me! I did not hit a home run, big suprise. Morgan hung out in the snack bar behind home plate watching in warmth and safety.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Apron Swap

Here it is! My first real apron! Not too bad I think. It was so fun to participate in this swap. My girl sent me a cute watermelon apron. It is quite tiny, it fits Morgan perfectly. Oh well still super cute and fun! Thanks to Sarah for the sweet hook up to this swap!

Delphiniums, Daisys, and Petunias Oh My!

Last year our sprinklers broke and my lovely husband "had to" tear out all of my perennials. I was not happy. So I "had to" buy $100 worth of new perennials. I was not sure if they would bloom this first year. I was so happy to see so many flowers coming out to show off their colors. Some years have not been so good but this year I am very happy. I am anxious to see the summer blooms start.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pinewood Derby

This year Charlie and Chad spent alot of time making his pinewood derby car. Chad found a book and they went through it together. They picked a plan. They cut, sanded and smoothed. They painted, weighed and tested. It was supposed to be the best. Then at then end of the day it came in 4th. As my nephew Cameron pointed out, there really should be an award for 4th place.
Well it looks so good! You would think that it would have finished first place. Chad pointed out that he took 4th place last time as well. Oh well at least he got first for the rain gutter regata.

Daisy Scout Bridging Ceremony

Morgan has loved being a Daisy Scout this year. She has grown closer to her old friends and made lots of new ones as well. Her favorite activities was making pots to plant flowers in. She has learned all the songs and skits. Her troop jumped rope every week..I actually think that was her very favorite part. Would you belive that some crazy ladies said they would do a Brownie Troop next year..what could they be thinking? Oh that's right I am the crazy lady, anyone want to buy some cookies?

American Idol Here We Come

For those of you who don't know Charlie has a beautiful voice and has even joined the ward choir. It was Michelle Roosendahl who finally convinced him to give it a try. Sorry to all those past choir directors who did not manage to get him out!

We went to Charlies mom's house for both Mother's Day and to celebrate Betsy's birthday. Betsy received the American Idol game for Wii. Unlike me and mine! Charlie's family can sing. Some of them really well too. So they busted out a game of American Idol. Some how we convinced Charlie to play. He rocked it out, even managing to get 100% on one song. All R&B and soul, all old school, the final round he played against Betsy and to make it hard they did random selection. Betsy got a difficult song, she did great but there was still a chance Charlie could pull it off. His song came up, it was a super crazy no one has heard of kind of song. And it was a girl singing. He did his best but no such luck. It was mostly fun to watch him sing.

And because his father did it Chad decided to give it try himself. He on the other had still refuses to join the ward choir. I am not giving up hope because he was blessed with his fathers singing voice. Thanks Heavens for that small miracle cause honestly when I sing the dog howls!