Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't Ya Just Hate That!!

By "THAT" I mean when you spend the time making something and it does'nt turn out how you want it to. Morgan chose the fabric and pattern, I chose the size...OOPS!!! It was a simple pattern and I think I would make it again. Only this time a size smaller. Morgan wears a size 12 in most clothes, for length, width, and a little room to grow. I FORGOT that patterns run bigger then clothes. Poor thing!! I was so frustrated when it was slipping off her shoulders. I was thinking how I would have to rip out the side seams and the skirt then tuck and pull and hope for the best then Charlie said "can't you just sew something accross the front?" Why yes dear, I can! Good thinking! Morgan is happy to have a new nightie. I am happy to not have to completly re-make it. And Charlie thinks he is the bomb! Let's get real...he is the bomb, at least to me!

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Morris Family said...

don't we just love it when our husbands finally have something smart to say. Love the nightie and maybe she will have room to grow and can wear for years to come.
love ali