Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Quilt

It started with a doll.

Chads Cubscout Leader had an American Girl Doll. Actually two of them; Molly and her friend Emily. Sharon's daughter and husband gave her Molly to start because Molly was born the same year as she was!

My little Morgan told this leader that she too had Molly. She also commented on how cute it was the both the dolls had so many clothes. Sharon told us how a long time ago American Girl Dolls sold the patterns for the clothes and that she had made all the doll clothes herself!
Just a few short months later Morgan received her own Emily doll from Santa. She also got a little box from a secret friend. In that box was a rain hat and coat for her Molly doll! Morgan was so excited and I knew just who to thank!
Morgan now know who her secret friend is. Every year since she has received a gift from Sharon for Christmas. Each year a beautifully handmade outfit for her doll.
This year Morgan has a little surprise of her own. She made Sharon a beautiful little quilt for her dolls! She took her time, picking out a couple seams so that it would be just perfect. I helped her with the actual quilting and the binding. I can't wait to see Sharon's response when she gets her own little box this year!

Molly and Emily

Molly's Birthday Dress, made by our friend Sharon
(by the way Sharon made a doll outfit for every little girl in the ward)

The Quilt