Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Wishing you a joy filled Christmas.
May you ponder the true reason to celebrate.
The birth of The only begotten Child of God; our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Take a minute to feel the peace and love that He provides for us.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Girls Night

About a week ago a new but incredible friend invited me over to make wreaths. Having been to her house I knew they would be amazing!
You should see how she decorates!! So cute!! In her entry is a framed picture of Santa, but really it is her father! How cute is that?
Back to the wreaths!!! I asked what I should bring. She said anything, maybe some ribbon. It just has some of this and some of that.
I bought a couple ornaments, including the bi-plane, gathered ribbon from around the house and at the last minute I threw some sparkly balls in the bag. I think I used like 5 things that I brought including a glue gun!
Candice the most talented wreath maker ever supplied the rest! It was so fun!!! Two other fun ladies came over and I can honestly say that their wreaths turned out just as cute, if not cuter!
Thanks Candice for sharing your talent and darling supplies! And thanks to Michelle and Tina for making the night such a blast
. I simply love my new wreath. Enough so that I yanked all the stuff of my old ones and am re-doing them as well.
I will post pictures when they are done.
The completed wreath! Looks cute huh? Kinda of crazy and fun!!
Glittery ornaments!

This one shows my favorite part! The little bi-plane. It reminds me of the beach!

The cute Merry Christmas!

Giant candy!

A ton of different ribbon!

And snowflakes!

Hidden presents!