Friday, January 2, 2009

A Brand New Year

This past year my family has been very blessed. We have enjoyed many fun and exciting adventures. Mostly simple little adventures but adventures none the less! For the coming year we have set a few family goals. I myself have set a few goals. Truth be told I am not great at keeping goals. These goals I have made are so important that really I can not stand to be flaky. I have decided that the best way to keep my goals is to share them out load...can you say SCARY!! OK in no particular order....


1. Establish a house of order....hhhmmmm neat and tidy? Sure..but more! We want to have a year supply of food we will actually eat. Set a routine to keep us from being over burdened with busy stuff! Make a home where the Spirit can that would mean less contention...softer replies from mom and dad; and less unkind words to and from siblings!

2. Right along with the first goal...we are trying to save more money....and to do that #1 is make do! Sometimes in this life we forget that it is OK to do without. We have shared a car for over a year...somehow we have survived!! Our children both have some fun opportunities this summer and we want to pay cash for them or not at all! YIKES!!

3. Be healthier...ride bikes as a family more...walk the dog as a family more...not eat so many super yummy cookies!! That one will be hard! more caffeine! OH MY! Charlie and I knew it was not good for us, both swearing off from one time or another...but when the leaders of your church publish an article about it in the Ensign we decided to give it a little more effort!


1. I have always been heavy, I really don't like that and now I have high blood pressure. That is not good at all. So my goal is to go to the gym 5 days a week. I commit to walk at least 2 miles each day!! First and foremost the plan is to lower my blood is to shrink my bottom!!!

2. No more PEPSI!! This one will be tough!! I know I can do is just going to get ugly around here for a little while!! I drink way too much and well to go without it will help me reach my first goal.

3. Wake everyday at or before 6am...and read my scriptures, pray and workout before the kiddos wake!! That saying "if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" is too true in our home. And momma needs a little alone time! Right along with this is to go to bed earlier, everyone!! There is a reason there are all those little sayings about early to bed and early to is true, at least for to bed before 10pm and up by 6am.

4. And just for fun....this year..I want to paint all 3 bathrooms...finish my laundry room and food supply rooms...triple the size of our veggie garden...and sew and scrapbook to accomplish all this I have set rules for computer/TV time for myself....1 hour on the computer each day...and 1 hour of TV....hold on to your hats...of that 1 hour more that I mean...Desperate Housewives, Real Housewives of OC, Big Brother..or anything else that I can not watch with my kids in the room!! Thank goodness for Little House reruns!!

Some of these goals will be hard for me to keep and for our family...but 2009 is the year the MacQueens prioritize!!!


homegirl said...

Girl, that is alot of stuff! Do you have a planner? You must post how you are doing throughout the year so I can give you a bad time if your not keeping up! :)

Sarah R. said...

We're so in sync. Our family motto this year is "A house of Order!" We had an FHE where all the kids contributed their own ideas on how to make a house of order. Good Luck!!

Wendy said...

Wow, Trisha. You do all that and you'll be translated! Heavens, I need to implement every one of those goals. I could be better at so many things. thanks for the swift kick in the pants, I need to set my own resolutions. Hope all is well with you guys, I miss you!

tara said...

You set some awesome goals. Good luck on them. Thanks for letting us stay there at Christmas. Love Ya

Hollyhocks and Family Trees said...

I'd like to say I have made plans for the New Year but I'm still catching up on 2008! Hope I can follow your example Keep up the good work!