Monday, May 26, 2008

Morgan's Dance Recital

Morgan's dance recital was May 2nd, she danced creative dance this past year. Her class danced to the song "Pajama Time". Her studio based the whole recital on literature. She loved it! Morgan is a dancer at heart. She gets on stage and just lights up. She said to me "Mom why do some kids get stage fright? Why would they be afraid of a stage? Do they think they are going to fall off?" Funny girl....she had no concept of people being afraid of dancing in lights. She is looking forward to dancing in three classes next year ballet, modern, and jazz. I tried to convince Chad to take hip hop but that was a no go. Oh well Morgan will have to be the dancing queen of our family.

Arrow of Light Ceremony

Charlie is the Cub Master, I was the Webelos Den Leader, and Chad was the dilligent scout. He worked hard to earn his Arrow of Light before school was out. He has earned all his progress to ranks throughout his three years in scouting. Let me tell you there is a reason that they give the mothers a pin. Some of this stuff is not so easy to get done. Charlie put together a really cool arrow of light ceremony. We had to paint his face with different colors, each representing another aspect of his scouting experience. I guess this means my boy is growing up. I hear that when the boys become "real" scouts that mom's dont have as much to do. Let me tell you, I am not disappointed about this.

Mother Daughter Garden Party

This past week Morgan and I went to the Mother Daughter garden party. Which was a blast. Someone brought a basket full of crazy hats. Morgan wanted to try them all on. We were just getting ready to take a picture when she started to pose and then insisted that I do the same. So here you are! We are hamming it up. It was a really nice time. We learned about gardening, had some yummy treats and even planted some cute pots of our own. Morgan and the girls did a nice cartwheel show for us moms. Then the giant winds came to chase us all off.

Rocket's Garden

Well here it is! The evidence. We had been planning to plant a garden this year. Chad and Chris and a very little help from me, Morgan and Charlie, started to prepare the space. A good space! Full sun! First to remove all the grass. Next till the soil and add nutrients. Next..plant! Oh wait a minute I forgot about waiting for the thaw. Mothers day weekend or later here in Utah. As we were waiting we noticed Rocket liked to dig and sleep in the garden space. So we thought well we had better put a fence up. It had to be affordable, and easy to install, plus we needed to be able to get in and out for weeding and harvesting. So we thought and thought, and then consulted my friend Sandy, one of those women who is very resourceful, she suggested the set up we have. It had all the component's we needed. Well it worked like a charm. Rocket didn't really show any interest at all. So this past Saturday we planted the garden. Tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, zucchini, eggplant, sugar snap peas and squash from plants; carrots, lettuce, and radishes from seed. Well we all helped with the planting and after watering we all sat back with satisfaction thinking off all the yummy food we were going to have. Now just to wait for it to grow. Well we went for a family bike ride and when we came back we noticed an addition to the garden. Rocket had managed to squirm his way under a not tight enough section of the fence. He could have dug up or laid on the plants, but no he instead left a surprise for us. His own way of saying "this is my space"! Well we tightened up the fence and hopefully that will be the end of that!

Just Getting Started

Well I have been waiting for everything to be just right to start my blog. Then I realized my life is never "just right" so I should just dig in. So here goes. My little family includes myself, my husband Charlie and our two kids Chad (10) and Morgan (7). We have lived in our small town in Utah for almost 4 years. We have lived all over California before that.

I am waiting for summer to officially start. I think it may be coming soon! My family like to spend the summer outside soaking up the sun. That way we can manage to survive another winter! Pool time is just around the corner! YIPPEE! I am a stay at home mom and love it! I love that I can help in my kids classes. I love baking with them, playing with them and yes even refereeing them! I like to garden, read, scrapbook, sew and almost anything that is creative.

I am an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love that it makes life make sense. I love that I am a better mom, wife, friend, neighbor because of it.

My husband works at FedEx and has forever, or maybe like 16 years. He loves the basketball, Go Lakers! Football, Go LSU! Nascar, Go #24! He enjoys playing golf and spends most all his free time coaching little league football and baseball.

My son, Chad is just finishing 5th grade. He loves to play football, baseball and basketball. He is a cub scout and likes all the stuff he is learning there. Truth be told he loves that he can build fire, bridges, and any other crazy boy thing. Chad has many friends and almost always wants to be playing with them. He has a really funny sense of humor and enjoys making everyone laugh. Chad's best friend is his dog, Rocket. Rocket is an almost 5 year old yellow Labrador retriever. Rocket is not too happy with our new vegetable garden. He made sure we knew it was really his. Pictures to follow.

My daughter, Morgan is almost done with 1st grade. She has loved every minute of school. She is a great reader and really loves math and computers. She is a very happy little girl. She loves to dance and sing. She recently tried out and was selected to be on the dance company at her studio. They have a be nice to others policy that really fits Morgan to a tee! She is nice to everyone and genuinely takes pleasure in other peoples success. This year Morgan has been a daisy scout and next year she will be a Brownie! wanna buy some cookies? She has learned many important values this year through Daisy Scouts. She loves to play with her many friends!

Together our family likes to go for bike rides with the dogs. Hang out at the baseball fields. Read together before bed, even Charlie and I can not help but laugh at the antics of Junie B. Jones. Sit outside on the swing and just enjoy the weather! We like vacationing in California mostly to go the beach, but we say its to see family!