Sunday, January 11, 2009

Farewell My Friend

Today marks 8 days with no caffeine. Can I get a Woot Woot? Anyone who has spent 5 minutes with me know how huge this is. I love Pepsi, I love the energy burst from all the caffeine and sugar. I love the taste. I need it with pizza and Mexican food. But...I have given it up. It seems to be sticking.
The truth is, this is hard. I have been grumpy and mean this week. Charlie being the devil told me that having gone 6 days with no caffeine I should drink one on the 7th day. EVIL!!! I think he was just a little afraid of me at that moment. Substituting was torture this week, 20 screaming kids...YIKES! So I have put Weight Watchers on hold for one more week. I really am determined to stick to this no caffeine goal. I have managed to get to the gym this week most days. I am putting my energy toward the most important goal this week. SURVIVAL!
For those friends who are behind me, not Charlie, thanks and here is your update.


Sara's Memoirs said...

you don't just get a woot woot. you get a woot woot woot and a high five. Way to Go!!! I am super impressed. i don't have a caffeine habit but i do have a eat-way-too-much habit. i was suppose to start on jan 1. i didn't due to my crazy schedule the last 2 weeks. But i am starting tomorrow. for sure! I'm praying that my 20 year reunion inspires me. I was starting to get afraid that nothing had the ability to motivate me to change! So thanks for the great post. keep it up. you can do it. xoxo

Wendy said...

doing awesome, Trisha! I'm right there with ya! I've been caffeine free since Dec. 1st. It gets easier, trust me. The only thing that has been hard for me is when we go out to eat. Since I don't want to drink any of my meager allotment of calories, the only choice I have is water, since Diet Coke/Pepsi is no out. I'm proud of you, my friend!