Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Ok, I know I am not the only on to have waited anxiously for the release of this book. I was even planning to attend a midnight party, and get my copy! Chad and Charlie had a campout for scouts and I thought it might be a little wrong of me to bring Morgan out 'til my neighbor Dawn also wanted her copy last night, her and her husband, Todd went out for the book! And because they are nice neighbors they brought me one back!!! I only managed to stay up until 1am. So I am on page 498 and for the most part this book just pisses me off. I really hope it gets better because as of now it just drives me crazy. Anyone else feel that way?


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi! I am on page 151. Sooo I don't have a full on opinion yet. I went w/ a friend to the 12:oo party. It was fun. I enjoyed your blog. cherry

Sarah R. said...

Don't ruin anything for me. I read the first two books this week-end, and I'm saving the others for this weeki-end. I'll talk to you about it later!

Hollyhocks & Family Trees said...

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