Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Zelma Wertner

My Grandma is the tiny girl with the giant bow. She was the best Grandmother. Grandma Boo Boo was my father's mom. He was an only child, and his father died when he was a young man, 15 years old. My dad was a bit rowdy. I have a profound respect for the way my Grandmother raised my father. My grandma was the youngest of a large family. She nursed each sibling in their old age. We all saw this. We all learned from this. She was raised on a farm in Pennsylvania, where she learned how to work and cook.

I learned to cook old fashioned things from her. Well more from her recipes then by her side. She lived in Arizona and we lived in California. She made jam, the hard kind. You know it takes all day and tasted like a slice of heaven. She made the best fudge. You know good fudge is not hard to make..its just a matter of having the right ingredients.

And man on man could she spoil her 5 grand kids rotten! When we moved to CA she took my brothers dog..and fattened him right up. The when we would come to visit she would fatten us up too. Whatever we wanted we had. Spoiled rotten.

My grandma was stubborn, I don't want to imply she was perfect. Lets be honest I heard more profanity from her then from most sailors. She scared off the bullies in the neighborhood, protected the innocent and at one time she ate so many cherries from the tree that she made herself sick, only to go on to eat more with all the new room.

You know my grandma never took us to church or really even talked about God or Jesus Christ. But I can honestly say she taught me the meaning of Christ like service. How many people would nurse all their siblings through the later difficult years. Well and my dad was pretty neat and I think he learned his generosity of Spirit from his mother.

My daughters name is Morgan Zelma, named after her Great Grandmother. When people make fun of her very unusual and old fashioned middle name I tell her to tell them with pride she was named after a strong women; who I am sure is watching down from above just thrilled with her namesake. I only wish she were here to teach Morgan how to be a strong women.


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Wow I loved reading about your Grandma! They don't make them like that anymore do they! My dh's grandma just found out she has cancer. He is extremely close to her. She is a wonderful person. I have a deep respect for the older generation. Love the photo of her. Thank-you sooo very much for your kind comments. cherry

Hoov said...

That's a cool tribute. I've always taken pride in being named after my grandmother, even though I never met her.