Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dress Making

Thank you to Magnolias and Sunshine for showing this cute dress pattern on her blog!! It is so easy and Morgan loves it! She picked the fabric and and the hair style. The pattern is from and is called tiered flouncy dress.

This picture is just to show you how very cute Morgan is! She is growing so fast. Morgan wants me to make another dress for her, and it was so fun that I think I will!
So I have a new purse pattern, I hope to have it made by the end of tomorrow. Check back to see. Only my camera broke so I had to ask my neighbor for help! Thank heavens for neighbors. So I have hope that they will help me again if I do finish my purse. Who knows maybe I'll even finish Sarah's diaper bag, but lets not hold our breath. The good thing is that she and Doug will have more kids of that I am sure.


Sarah R. said...

That's adorable. You should make me an adult version (by adult I mean size, not XXX!). Do theyhave boy ptterns on this site?

Sara's Memoirs said...

Oh my goodness, that is so cute. Morgan is so cute. so big. what happened to our little babies. 2nd graders! yikes.