Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baby Shower Presents

My friend and neighbor Melody is expecting her first baby. Well she and her husband! They are so excited, and today her family gave her a baby shower. I wanted to make her a cute baby blanket, and I did. Only it is tiny. So being the clever girl I am acted like I inteded to make a tiny baby blanket. I said it's for over her car seat. Everyone thought sounded good, either that or they were too kind to tell the truth! So it is made out of that "minky" fabric on one side and cotton on the other. The flower is made out of cotton, and I pinked the edges so that it will fray all cute in the wash. I guess its ok, but I HATE working with "minky". I am going to stick to cotton and flannel from now on. Except for that my other neighbor is expecting and she requested a blanket just like this one only for a boy. Her exact words were "like this only blue with a monkey or something"; hhmmm a monkey!!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi there.....I think that baby blanket is adorable. Thank-you sooo much for your sweet comments! I am s till not done w/ BD..but I think it has been pretty easy to figure out. I am to the part where she meets up with her father Charlie again. I am a little disappointed so far. cherry

West said...

I guess I can't tell from the picture, but the blanket does not look that tiny to me. Anyhow, It came out nicely. I would love to see the blue one when you finish it. Is there a flower on the green side as well?

Sarah R. said...

I just did the same thing with my last blanket. I was actually going to say the exact same thing about the car seat! I don't want to say I'm jealous, but maybe just a bit!!