Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Family Time

What a fun time it was! We loved the day! Charlie's mom went all out. The egg hunt was a hoot. The older boys told her there was just no way she could stump them. Well she took the bait and made it a huge challenge! There was a golden egg to be won!! Oh my these boys take it seriously. There was a ladder out and the boys figured there must be a reason for that. So Chad climbs up and looks finds 1 egg and climbs down. His cousin Trey, being younger and wiser climbed up to check again, finding 2 more eggs. So then Chad thought there may be more, well the ladder was being used so Charlie lifted him up, all 116 pounds of him! Yikes! Morgan loved that she found eggs where other people had passed by. She scored about 6 in the leaves. Then we ate way too much great food! Next we played kick ball to work off some of the food. We finished it all off with a birthday celebration. It was such a pretty day all around!


My name is Andrea said...

who found the golden egg?

Trisha said...

The golden egg was not found but won. First round everyone found 12 eggs, then it was whoever could find the most eggs. Since the big boys started cheating the Golden egg was won by Peyton; the 4 yr old! He appreciated it more then anyone else would have.

jeni said...

Ooooh I love people who go all out and love life. Tell her great job for a fabulously tricky egg hunt.