Sunday, April 19, 2009

Opening Day

Opening day was great! In the 60's, warm and sunny with passing clouds. Man of man I love baseball. There is nothing better then a Saturday afternoon watching your boy play baseball.
Chad's team played the Mets. It was a close game with the Mets winning by one. Chad had an excellent double play. Catching the infield pop up and then was able to tag second before the player was able to make it back. He also had the the first RBI of the game on a dropped 3rd pitch no less. The funny part is that he was mad at the end. He was really mad that he didn't play better. I guess my boy is growing up. Taking things more seriously.
I forgot to mention that the reason I do not have any good pictures is that I was score keeping. When you give your niece and nephew the camera you end up with oodles of silly pictures of themselves!!! No good ones of your son! I really need someone else ot score keep!!!


jeni said...

Way to go Chad! You are a multi-talented athlete. I love that the girls took photos of themselves. That's classic.

Hooray for the great weather!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Yep rec. the uniform! Thanks for stopping by! LOVEEEE those red tulips. cherry