Friday, April 10, 2009

A Surprisingly Good Time

This is the movie that we saw. By we I mean all of us including Charlie!! Yee Haw!!

This movie was actually really fun and cute. I was impressed that there were not any parts I had to be concerned with in regards to Morgan. When we got home this evening we found out that Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus surprised a lucky group of movie watchers at a Utah Theater. Bless their Achy Breaky little hearts! Darn it all to heck it was not our theater!

This dress was what Miley wore on her date with "The Cowboy"! I thought it was so cute that I am making one for me! NOT....let's try Morgan. I think it would be pretty cute on her either with leggings just the way it is or I will add enough length to make it knee length. Now to find a pattern close enough!

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homegirl said...

We enjoyed the movie too! Her dress is cute and let me know how it turns out, maybe I could TRY to make one for my Morgan!