Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pay It Forward

I logged on to and read about Paying It Forward. This is really just like that movie we all saw years ago. I felt especially motivated to do this after being on the receiving end of 2 Pay It Forwards yesterday.
First as I was leaving to take Morgan to the Doctor my friend Sandy came by. She was there to see how she could help me. You see we have a lot of family coming into town for Morgan's baptism. Not to mention an open house with both sides of our family. She weeded and she planted and she even made and planted a whole new garden bed!! Who does that??? Sandy!!! She spent hours here making it look pretty!! Thank you! Thank you!! I will post pictures at a later time!
Secondly I received a package in the mail! A gift from my friend Sarah. She sent me "Spring In A Box", how cute is that??? There was a notepad, all sorts of spring colored candy, a rubber ducky, CHOCOLATE, sprinkles in a happy yellow, a little sunflower and the cutest little cupcake candles ever! Um Hello?? How well does she know me? By the way...this lovely lady's husband was just released from the rehabilitation center where he was recovering from surgery. (not to be confused with a DRUG REHAB center!!) She has been caring for her 3 boys while pregnant with her 4th child and running back and forth to her husband AND she makes the time to send me a gift???!!!??? I honestly don't know how she does this stuff!
There was also this cute quote in the box.
"No Winter lasts forever, no Spring skips its turn"
Hal Borland
Today I feel so blessed to have such great friends. I thought the idea of passing on their kindness would be a great way of showing my love and appreciation. Well that and making cinnamon rolls never hurts! I will just have to figure out how to send them to Sarah!
So to follow in the theme...for the first 5 people who leave me a little comment with a way to email you or reach of you I will make and send a little gift to you within the next 12 months! It will be a surprise when you get it!! It will also be a surprise what you get!! Oh goody doesn't that sound like fun??


Angela said...

Hi Trish... could you email me at ayosten{at}yahoo{dot}com. Thanks!

Sheri Howard said...

Trish, don't count me but I need you to email me with your address!
Thanks for paying it forward!

Sarah R. said...

After your first two comments I feel selfish entering my name, but you know how I love a package in the mail!! Also, I take no credit for the idea for the Spring Box. I totally copined the idea from another blog!

Hollyhocks and Family Trees said...

Just following orders- love your blog!

Ingrid said...

Yes, I agree. Sarah is AMAZING! You are too! Did I make the TOP 5?

Girl with a Magical Name said...

I didn't notice that if you were among the first 5 to comment there would be a surprise in store. Oh well it's all good.

The MacQueens said...

I may not have made the top 5, but I think paying it forward is the best!! Giving and receiving is how we all survive this crazy world! :)