Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year....

Chad plays catcher on his team, the Angels. (gag! Go Dodgers!!!)
Chad does not like to play catcher, but has for the last 4 years.
Chad would rather play 2nd or short stop, which he does well at too.
I love that Chad plays baseball, it is my most favorite sport!
You know Spring is here when baseball starts!
You can tell it is pretty cold still with no leaves on any trees.
Although the grass is getting green.
Here in Utah Spring does not really come until May.
May is when you can start planting.
GROSS!!! This California girl does not do well with stupid Winter!
BUT baseball starts in April and it let's me know that Summer, which is even better then Spring, is coming!

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jeni said...

Go Chad go! You are a boy with many talents.