Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rockin' The Sling

We went to Primary Children's Medical Center on Monday. They were great! They unwrapped his hand and were shocked by how swollen his hand was and that he was not in more pain. The other ER had wrapped his hand flat with his fingers exposed. They wrapped it completely different and advised that he elevate his hand above his heart always. Thus the sling. The first sling was hideous. He hated how it looked and felt. What do you do when your boy is gonna miss out on all the cool snow that is dropping? You make him a new sling of course! He has requested a couple more as well. LSU, a dress one for church, and a crazy one for fun. The best part is that he is almost pain free. He says that his hand feels so much better now. Hopefully the swelling will go down and they can cast it, that is after determining if he needs surgery. We wouldn't mind some prayers in that area if you are willing!


homegirl said...

Ouch! I hope Chad's fingers get better soon! Did it impede his gift wrapping?

jeni said...

Love the guitar sling! Very cool. We will definately be thinking of you. Get better soon!