Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Festival of Trees!!

Chad and Santa
Morgan and Santa

Every year we go visit Santa at Charlie's mom's office. She is a real estate broker and puts on a fun Christmas party! Well the last couple years Chad has been griping about sitting on Santa's lap. This year he put his foot more pictures with Santa! So we explained how there was just no way Santa could bring him any presents without a visit and a picture. Well Santa made things easy by suggesting a "gangsta Santa" would be acceptable. Chad jumped right on that train!! Morgan on the other hand was all over it...she loves the whole magical experience. She also gets nervous that she hoped on his lap and promptly told him what she would like for Christmas. The only problem is that she got all panicked and just asked for the first thing that popped into her head; something that I had never heard her ask for before. Something that was not on the way from Santa!!! I asked her if she had changed her mind, she giggled and said that she just was nervous and that she forgot what she wanted. So we are go for "Julie" the American girl doll! WHEW!!! Also, the nose on Morgan? She had danced at Festival of Trees that night. Her dance company was super cute. Unfortunately my camera has a super slow shutter speed and the only pictures I have are with her back turned. She is still cute as a bug!! Or reindeer as it may be!

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