Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ringing in the Season

I am joining in with asoftplacetoland-kimba.blogspot.com for a little open house. There are so many cute homes on display. Go visit and see all the fun blogs!!

My little Nativity! I first stitched the outline of each item, including stars, then painted inside with a q-tip. I made several of these, they are even cuter with pastel paint!!

My entry table. A little Christmas village, the green tree my daughter made in Kindergarten.

A little seasonal plaque. The 3 blocks change with each month.

My very first Nativity!! These boxes stack and inside each other. My kids have played with this each year. I bite my tongue and let them. We have used this as a family night lesson, putting a scripture in each box. We have also used this for Sunday school, or primary as well!

And....the advent calender. My mom made this before I was even born. I never remember a Christmas without it! She gave it to me and we love it. My children love all the little ornaments. The funny thing is that my son thinks that the Star goes on top, the final ornament, because that was the sign! My daughter wants the baby Jesus on top, because it is His day. How do we solve this? We add ornaments every other day and whoever ends up on Christmas morning gets to pick.

One of our two Christmas eve traditions is to read the Christmas Story from the book of Luke. That always invite a nice spirit and helps us all calm down! Before that we read a cute little story that my sister shared with me. The story is of a Christmas program at school, where the little girl holds one of the letters upside down. So instead of saying Christmas Love, it reads Christ was Love. That little girl really had it right all along!


homegirl said...

I'm impressed! You've been busy and it looks great!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Your decorations are so pretty.
I hope you'll visit my blog soon. I've had giveaway's every Friday in December.

Jen said...

I love the nativity blocks. What a great way to teach the kids about the Christmas story. Thanks for sharing your beautiful decorations.