Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Raising a Good Man!!

Do you see all the good things going on here? He wanted to make cookies and he did. He also fielded a phone call while making them. My little multi-tasker!!! He followed the recipe for Rolo Cookies from earlier on the blog. They are surprisingly easy cookies but super tasty!!
You know in all truthfulness we really do try to raise our children to be independent. I am happy with how they are willing to try to do new things. Chad is turning into quite a good young man. He helps fix things around the house, he recently gave a talk at church and wrote it himself, now if I only I could convince him to stop tormenting his sister....oh well right now I choose to cherish this accomplishment!


Morris Family said...

If you figure out how to convince your kids to not fight and tease please let me know. I love seeing signs that I might be doing something right as a parent. Way to go Chad!
love ali

Sarah Mae said...

Hi Trisha! :)

I'm so glad you are joining the 5:16 am club - welcome! I will make sure you get on the e-mail list!

Oh, and I have a son who is only one and a half, but I want to raise a good one too! Yours is getting there clearly! :)

Sarah Mae said...

Me again! I went through my e-mails and couldn't find one for you - would you mind e-mailing me again at the e-mail on my blog in the sidebar?

Sorry! :)

Kristin said...

Hi you! Chad is so grown up. I can't believe it! I love your blog - it is gorgeous! Merry Christmas to you, my dear :0)