Friday, December 19, 2008

Drink More Milk!

Side view, can you see the cracks?

Front view, still the cracks.

You can see the three middle fingers are cracked. The x-ray tech was kind enough to let both my son and me see the x-rays before the Dr. did. She thought that it was pretty clear he had a break. From what I could gather the proper name for this kind of break is a spiral fracture. That sort makes sense when you look at these x-rays. She even told him he could have copies for souvenirs. We have to go to Primary Children's Hospital Monday. Because of the wide "crack" they will need surgery to bring them back in alignment. By the way this was a sledding accident! Yikes!!
Neither Charlie of myself have ever broken a bone, we were hoping the same would be true for our kids! We decided that Chad must need to drink more milk!! Any advice Uncle Ben?


The MacQueens said...

Nice job Chad! You did a pretty good job breaking your hand! I always ask one question to all of my young patients that break their hands or arms: "Was it worth it?!" I mean, did you catch some big air or take out a huge tree or do 3 or 4 summersaults?? If not, maybe you can work on your technique for next time!! ;) Well, looks like Chad needs a cast for a few weeks and maybe a pin or two if his fingers are short or rotated. Gimme a call if you have any questions. Get well soon Chad!! We love you and miss you.

jeni said...

Chad . . . The Falcons wish you the speediest of recoveries. We need you!

Trisha . . . LOVE your blog. I am going to have so much fun checking out all your recipes. I already spotted your snickerdoodles I'll be trying over the holidays. Can't wait to see your flower designs!

Sara's Memoirs said...

oh my...Holy Cow!!! Nice xrays though and i'm so glad he is feeling so good! our love to you guys. we just went through this with phillip in April last year. surgery and all. we will keep him in our prayers, and hope for no surgery!! xoxoxo