Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Table

Do you remember this table?
It's been so long, sorry!
OK....the reveal!


This is sitting in the front entry. We do not have a formal entry,
it just sort of opens into the living room. So this
serves as the entry table. Right now it has a few of my
fall decorations on it!

I spray painted the whole thing. Having painted furniture
the traditional way and now spray painted...
I would have to say that spray painting is
easier. BUT...I like the finish of hand painting better.
That being said I must admit, I may not be the
best spray painter...maybe there is a trick that
I do not know. Either way I like the table so
much better this color!


Darlene said...

That turned out FABULOUS!!! Love the decorations on it too!!!

Sarah R. said...

So, so fancy! You should come down here and help me with my painting. For future reference, a friend of mine was painting some wood furniture and she used Benjamin Moore industrial lacquer and put it on with a sponge roller. She said it was amazingly easy.

Betsy said...

I love it! I wish I was as creative - to be able to grab something and see it's potential. Great job!

Buffy said...

It looks fabulous!!! I'm actually super jealous! Beautiful job!!!