Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family Tree

This is one of my favorite paper crafts ever. It is so simple.

First you pick a nice background paper. I like the stripey one.

Truth be told the one I am scrap lifting is actually pieced together

with several different papers, little strips glued to one

background paper. I thought there were so many cute

paper patterns that I would just cut out that step. OK, so

I don't have a "Cricut" machine but my friend does. She

generously cute oodles of ovals out for me in each color. The

exact amount is about 20 in each color. Way more then you

imagine you need. Next I used a stamp pad, brownish in color

to edge and distress the leaves. I also folded them in half to give

them even more dimension. Then you just write the

names of your family members on as many leaves

as you need. I just did my immediate family but

extended family would be really cute too.

Then I just free hand drew a tree trunk on the

back of the brown paper. Then I cut it out, next I used glue

dots to adhere the tree trunk to the paper. Then you add

the leaves, making sure to evenly distribute the names

and colors.

Last I added a cute little quote about how

money does not grow on this tree,

that it is a tree where love grows, and finished

it off with our family name and date of marriage!


My name is Andrea said...

CUTE! I love paper crafts!

Darlene said...

That is a GREAT family tree...really CUTE!!! Good luck on the giveaway!!

Sara's Memoirs said...

This is so cute. Good job! i love love love the colors!