Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Bag

I Learned to make this bag on Martha Stewart a while ago. Since then I have gotten better! Also I learned a few tricks to make it easier...so buy your canvas at a good fabric store, Joannes is fine. The stuff from Walmart is too flimsy. Next use 100% wool felt, it is costly but you only use a little bit and it is SO much easier to cut. It cuts very smoothly.
I have discovered that by using these supplies the bags are really quite "green". Besides the fact that they are all made from renewable resources... it is also better to use your own bag then the store ones! See how I think. This bag is for my sister. She makes a big effort to be green. I wanted to support that.
So Happy Birthday, Tanya!


homegirl said...

How did you find me?

Wendy said...

Trisha! I found you through Allie's blog. How are you, my long-lost friend?! I miss you, how is Utah? Our blog is tomandwendymontgomery.blogspot.com. Let me hear from you, and how you're doing. Take care,
Wendy Montgomery

Darlene said...

Hi Trisha,

That turned out so CUTE and those chocolate rolo cookies...YUMMY!!!