Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Traditions

Looking at the "dead fish"
which was actually a piece of foam

Rocket loves the water

trying to catch the tender moment

crossing the stream

loving the "hike"

Our little family like to play at Farmington Pond. Especially the dog! On Sunday's after church we will go explore around the pond. Sometimes fishing but most of all just letting both the kids and dog play! We have gotten so much rain that the water is flowing fast...and COLD!

The last few weeks our kids have been a big pain in the butt! Nothing but fighting going on! So When we were wading through this quick moving stream Chad led the way then Morgan. At this one point Morgan kinda slipped a bit and Chad looked back and helped her. Then a few steps later he tells her to be careful its a slippery spot. I was so happy to have seen that because I honestly thought he just hated his sister!

Today was just a simple little family day. Nothing fancy, not a penny spent. But a memory of time spent together all the same!

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