Saturday, June 6, 2009

Growing Up

Chad's graduation was awesome. They all had matching t-shirts which they had all signed their names on. Then they had a couple really cool musical numbers! Chad's instrument of choice was the recorder! Hee Hee! He actually hated playing it! He also played some sort of cool drum. Which was way cooler, at least he did not blush quite so much while playing that. Jessica spent the night the night before and joined us for the graduation. Chad and Jess are pretty funny together; picking out all the creepers for the other one to look at. After we went to Nielsen's for custard to celebrate! Later that night we had a home run derby with a bunch of Chad's friends out at the fields. Pictures later!
The real question is: How can my little boy be going to middle school?


My name is Andrea said...

Dude, I will have TWO in Middle school this fall...Tyler is in 8th grade and Parker in 6th. The next year Tyler will go to HS in 9th grade. I am in total denial...I'm only 27, this can't be happening!

homegirl said...

I don't know! Where is the time going? Congrats Chad!