Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cookie of the Week x 124

I have clearly lost my mind!
These pictures are only the very tip of the iceberg!
Can you say 8 pounds of butter??
12 bags of chocolate chips???
I have always heard that if you can find the thing you love to do and turn it into a job you will be successful...well we are still in the very early stages of this new adventure...but I am selling out of cookie dough faster then I can make it!
There are some real cookie lovers up in here!
Thank goodness!!!
Thank you to my good friends, Jenny and Andrea, who have encouraged me to do this for months! Thank you Melody for helping me make business cards! Thank you Brother Ockey for being the very first person to tell me that I should sell my baked goods!
Thank you Charlie for doing puzzles with Morgan and playing softball with Chad so that I could make more dough; then make more dough!! Hee Hee, I really need to go to bed now; I am getting all sorts of slap happy!!!

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