Monday, June 1, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

At the kid's school today they had a "dance off" so to speak. Actually every grade danced a different genre. It was so fun! Morgan's dance genre was ballroom. The Lindy Hop to be specific. Here is where it gets funny!! Morgan had to dance with....gasp a BOY! She knows that is a problem....mostly because her father let's her know how she is way to young to be dancing with a boy!!! How funny is that? This fine boy is Josh and happens to be the son of my good friend Mishaun. They were partnered because they were both attentive and respectful during all the practices. Secretly I think it is because Josh is one of very few boys who are taller then Morgan! I just love these pictures!

Now on to Chad. He danced a Jazz number...and he was in the back row so I have no pictures....OK that's not true....see the plaid green shorts? That's my boy!! And let me tell you he does not have his sister's grace!


jeni said...

Morgan looks adorable spinning away. So cute. Darling skirt! And even though I can barely see Chad I can tell it's not his cup of tea.

Miss you guys. We'll start summer b-ball soon.

p.s. We are going to Rampton. First appointment is in one week. Thanks for the recommendation. How's it going for you guys? I told the secretary that you referred us.

jeni said...

Just noticed your new look and photo. What a gorgeous photo! Love it.

Buffy said...

Ok...that was hilarious! How cute are your kids!!! :)