Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A New Look

We have lived here, in this house, in Utah, cold cold Utah....for FIVE years! That is the very longest we have lived anywhere! Crazy!!!! Back to my point!!! So my door was a lovely tan color...but it started to fade in the blazing hot Utah sun. I painted it my new favorite color. I don't even know the name!
Here is my question....What color should I paint the lovely....insert sarcasm here.....BRASS kickplate door and lock? Please weigh in. I am leaning towards black, or nickel, or silver...but the problem is that there is brass IN BETWEEN THE GLASS!!!! I can not get to that! HELP!!!!


My name is Andrea said...

If you paint it, it will just chip when the kids "kick" it...I'm just sayin'.

homegirl said...

I agree with Andrea.

Sarah R. said...

You could do that brushed bronze/copper whatever. I bet you could get some kind of treatment, or just replace them. You could replace the window, or put one of those super fancy faux stained glass window decals on it! Go check out the Depot!
I love the Texas star. Are you trying to tell us something?!