Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Grape Day

Or: Why I am learning to love Utah!

Last night I went to welcome our wards newest Mia Maid. Mormon talk for 14-15 yr old girls! Well....Kaelin was a bit delayed getting home so her father invited us in. As we were visiting he asked me if I would like to try one of the grapes from his vines. Of course I said yes....Oh My Gosh!!! The sweetest grapes I have ever tasted....EVER!!! He had 4 buckets full. I asked him what he did with the grapes. Here in Utah you USE what you grow. You can, put up, dehydrate or freeze. It is so cool. Well he said they make juice from the grapes. Being a city girl I had no idea how that worked, but being a curious city girl I asked. He showed me this steamer like pot that has a small tube attached to the front, where the juice comes out. Duhhh?? Then offered to let me borrow their steamer and gave me 4 buckets of grapes! How cool is that? So today I have been making juice. And you know what? It feels perfect. Just the right thing to do today, uncomplicated, no thinking involved, and man of man does my house smell good!
Now, how's that for healthy recipes...huh Sarah? Not a lick of sugar added!

Fresh grapes

Steamer thing

Steamed grapes

Yummy juice!


My name is Andrea said...

We had grapes in our backyard when I was growing up and my mom used to make juice, too. I think she made some jam, also. Yummy. Glad you are enjoying something!!

Sarah R. said...

Does anyone else think that tube looks like a catheter?

Sara's Memoirs said...

YOU ROCK. can we be neighbors again... please.

Betsy said...

It looks so pretty! Love to make juice - comes out so clear and pretty.