Saturday, February 28, 2009

Left to Their Own Defenses

Chad babysat Morgan for us last night so that we could go to the ward activity, which was an absolute blast! Well often times when he babysits there are at least 20 phone calls. "I'm bored", "I don't feel good", "when will you be home?" to name a few. When we got home there was the typical mess that we never have when we pay someone to babysit but hey we saved a few dollars. Then this afternoon while I was posting for the giveaway I found these pictures on the camera! How funny is this? I think it is hysterical and a pretty good was of keeping busy.


Jeanette McArthur said...

Maybe he has a future in the movie business?!?

jeni said...

I love it! I find those kind of photos too.

p.s. B-ball game is Friday night @ 7:00 pm (players there at 6:30) See you there. Thanks for everything!