Friday, February 13, 2009

Greek Festival

The long jump
Being silly, in his Chiton

The shot put

The whole 6th grade class participated in a Greek Olympics. They dressed in authentic Chitons (go ahead, pronounce it, I dare you) and did the Javelin/pencil throw, the Shot put/ball, wrestling/crab walk, and long jump/long jump. It was fun to watch. The teachers did a great time making it as real as possible. When Chad told me about it I asked if it was going to be a "real", he said yes. Then I told him that they were naked...well he did not thing being authentic was so important then. After they had a Greek lunch then watched Hercules. I think it was a better choice for 6th graders then decorating cookies!

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The MacQueens said...

Cool! Makes me want to go back to 6th grade. . . um, on second thought, scratch that. But Greek food is the best! :)