Saturday, June 14, 2008

Home Run Derby

The one benefit of Charlie being on the baseball league board is KEYS!!! Keys to the lights, the pitching machine, and balls. So some friends of ours called and after the last game, 10pm we headed out for a little home run derby.

Sherman in his umpire uniform.
He still has it! Charlie had the most home runs!

Bryce was right behind Charlie in total runs..but he hit the house behind the fields so I would have to say he won!

Kade one of the boys Charlie coached on football was hitting!
Chad in full laker attire! He got under a couple and really hit them deep.

I think that Charlie has such a cool follow through stance. It was a good time for all. My friend Becky hit as well as me! I did not hit a home run, big suprise. Morgan hung out in the snack bar behind home plate watching in warmth and safety.

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