Friday, June 27, 2008

6 down and 2 to go

After a long season, the Dodgers were in a solid 2nd place. Tournament started and Chads team lost the first game, throwing them into the losers bracket. Not to was the shot they needed to battle back. Now with a 5 game streak they are playing for 1st place. They play tonight and if they win, again tomorrow. I think it is apparent that my boys are hot and tired. They both agree that 2nd place is really not that bad.
Oh by the way..Chad plays catcher, 2nd base, and center field. NOT PITCHER...not even one pitch in a real game. With tournament rules being what they are Charlie can not pitch his best pitchers tonight. He has to pitch #'s 3, 4, and 5! Start praying...Chad is #4. He is ready...certain he can seal the deal. I on the other hand am sick to my stomach.

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Holly said...

Good luck guys!!!!! BTW... your swap apron is totally cute!... I think mine was too plain... If I get the nerve up, I'll post a pic.