Saturday, June 7, 2008

American Idol Here We Come

For those of you who don't know Charlie has a beautiful voice and has even joined the ward choir. It was Michelle Roosendahl who finally convinced him to give it a try. Sorry to all those past choir directors who did not manage to get him out!

We went to Charlies mom's house for both Mother's Day and to celebrate Betsy's birthday. Betsy received the American Idol game for Wii. Unlike me and mine! Charlie's family can sing. Some of them really well too. So they busted out a game of American Idol. Some how we convinced Charlie to play. He rocked it out, even managing to get 100% on one song. All R&B and soul, all old school, the final round he played against Betsy and to make it hard they did random selection. Betsy got a difficult song, she did great but there was still a chance Charlie could pull it off. His song came up, it was a super crazy no one has heard of kind of song. And it was a girl singing. He did his best but no such luck. It was mostly fun to watch him sing.

And because his father did it Chad decided to give it try himself. He on the other had still refuses to join the ward choir. I am not giving up hope because he was blessed with his fathers singing voice. Thanks Heavens for that small miracle cause honestly when I sing the dog howls!

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Why are there just pictures and no video?!!!