Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow Day, Almost

Is she not the cutest girl ever!
Sledding, cautiously!

Uh Oh spinning around!

And now backwards with no control, except to dig her heals in to stop!

Too tired to walk up the hill!

Chad on the steep hill!

Building speed with an intense expression!

With a one foot one hand steer!
You can see the grass sticking through the snow. A sure sign that there is not enough snow to sled. Hmmmm well maybe not for my kids! They decided today was the first good snow and they were going to take full advantage. Chad is not in as many of the pictures because well...he is 12. I threatened to upload really bad pictures of him if he didn't allow me to take some. Does that make me a bad mother?

1 comment:

Sara Jane said...

you are the BEST mother! i love the sledding pics and your cute cute kids.