Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Growing My Heart

Tonight I went to a Fireside. For my California friends, I know I know. It is Wednesday night. Charlie was reffing 4 basketball games. The kids were home being grumpy. I really wanted to just stay home. Not enough time in my home these days. I knew who the speaker was. I felt that it would be a nice night. I had no idea!!!

Our guest speaker was Kenneth Cope. OK let me be real. I love this mans music. I always, I mean always feel the spirit while listening to his music. What I did not know is that this man was about to speak to my heart.

The words he spoke were simple. That we are more then what we have become. That we are children of God. OK I know that. I always have. But think about it...deeply. We are more then we see in the mirror, more then our neighbors think of us, more then we think of ourselves. We are Gods children. He wants to make us more.

Until we know how fallen we are we will never know how much the Savior really means to us.
-President Ezra T. Benson

Wow! Do you get that? That we are all broken. When we recognize that then we can stop judging each other and start linking hands and try to help each other through this experience. That was strait from Brother Cope!

To close this incredible evening he shared this thought.

Jesus Chris will bring us home. That is all he wants to do. If we will only let him carry us, on his shoulders. He will bring us home to our Fathers knee, who loves us even more then our brother, Jesus Christ. Again, wow! I feel like my soul has been touched.

This evening my heart has been softened. I have learned and grown. I am so thankful that I went.


Wendy said...

STILL trying not to be too jealous of the Utah way of life. I love moments like those when you feel as if they're speaking directly to you and part of you wakes up a little more, and you see life a bit differently - a little more real and authentic. Wish I could have been there with you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

My name is Andrea said...

That is one thing I miss about Utah, having access to those kind of experiences. Sounds like a fantastic night!

And, I don't think I would trade the experiences we are having here...I'm just sayin'.