Monday, November 3, 2008

Take Down!!

These pictures mostly speak for themselves. Chad decided to give wrestling a go....he was one of the biggest boys there weighing in at 110.6. He was placed in the 105-130 weight division. Is it just me or is that a huge range of weights. I have always thought he was a bit stocky...not so! Thankfully this big, giant boy who is wiping the mat with my son is a friend of his. Nick who has played both baseball and football with Chad weighs in at a huge 'ole 135. There was no other boys to wrestle with Nick and since really it was just for fun he wrestled with Chad's weight division. I think it would have been so much worse if he had not been friends. After 4 days of practice and training they had a tournament. Chad came in 2nd. Not too shabby!

Chad being spanked by Nick!

Chad is now trying to do the same to Nick!

Notice the "coach" in the background. He is laughing, laughing, at my boy! Can you see why? Chad is trying with all his might, everything he has to pin his friend. In the end he could not hold him for the required time.

As a mother I must say....I hate this sport!! It is so personal. You find yourself yelling things that a person should never say to their child. FLIP HIM! HOLD HIM! CHAD YOU CAN DO IT, PIN HIM! PULL HIS ARM BACK, GRAB HIS LEG, NOW HOLD HIM DOWN! PUSH HIS FACE IN THE MAT! OK that one was from Charlie!! But still you get the idea. What I hated most was that there had to be a loser. Man of man, this poor kid was abused, or so it seemed to me. I hated seeing it. It seems so wrong. In the end I told Chad, I hate this sport. His response? Guess what mom? So do I! I will never complain that football is too violent again!

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