Friday, November 7, 2008

Getting it Together!

My friend Emily posted the cutest thread today. She was
asking people what they did to make things easier or more organized.
We all have little things we do or have done in the past to get
things put together.
So what do you do?

These are my wall hooks and clipboards. I have one for each child.
I covered the clipboards with cute paper. Then the kids hang their
backpacks, dancing bags, hats, scarves and coats. The clipboards
hold spelling lists, school assignments, book orders and any other
items that we need to keep track of.

The other thing that I do is to keep binders. I have a binder for school
stuff, Brownie scouts, Young Women's and family stuff.
So in the school binder I have dividers for each child, then one extra
for general school information. I keep the teacher information behind
each divider and then lunch menus and school phone numbers and
important dates behind the general info. In the family binder
I keep dividers for each person with page protectors to hold
important documents. School schedules, extra curriculum activities
information. These binders seem to really make things easier to
find whenever I need something for someone.

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