Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Helping Hands

I have been thinking about my children; what blessing they are to me. I have been wondering what I needed to be doing more of to teach them. How to become closer to them. I have observed the world moving so very fast around us. I have noticed my children become withdrawn when they spend too much time watching TV or playing their electronic games. I have contemplated how to help them learn of their worth. I have noticed children in the community who seem to lack self esteem and simple values. I have wondered what I needed to do to prevent that from happening from my little ones. I have knelt in prayer and asked for guidance. Sometimes the answers are not huge. Sometimes you have to listen very closely to hear.

Today I got it.

My son was at football practice with dad. I was cooking dinner. Morgan watching watching pbs kids. That's not too bad. Then I heard one of those shows that I don't really love. I said "Morgan, that show is not appropriate, please change the channel". She pointed out that ALL of her friends got to watch it. I said you are not ALL of your friends. She was unhappy with me, I was certain she was not learning anything worthwhile from watching that show. Then it hit, that sweet soft answer I was searching for.

Ask her to help.

Sure it would take longer. Sure it would be messy. Sure it would be perfect. Morgan peeled the carrots, she was quite pleased with herself. She peeled a ton of carrots, we all had carrots and dip in our lunches today. Best of all, we talked. We talked about school, friends, and dance class. She told me the things she was excited about. She told me the things she was sad about. She told me about a girl at school that didn't have any friends. She told me about the new magic trick her Sunday school teacher showed her class. We had some important things to discuss. I listened and thought these are precious moments.

I am thankful we turned the TV off and spent the time together. She was so pleased to be able to tell her dad and brother that she helped cook dinner. I realized I need to make more of those moments with my kids. It does not need to always be play time. My friend pointed out that in the mundane tasks of life you have time to talk to your kids, and that is why they are valuable.

I am thankful I listened.


Hoov said...

I remember enjoying helping my mom with cooking and stuff. I still enjoy it. I always hated when I got the sissy jobs though...wanted something with substance!

Darlene said...

I finally found your blog again so I came to visit. Your daughter looks like she had a ball helping with the cooking! Sometimes we are in such a hurry to get things done that we forget to ask our children to help and they love helping. Thanks for the reminder post!

Oh, and I see that decadent chocolate cookie bar and I tried to start a diet today. Might have to try them for a special occasion. They look delicious!!

Sara's Memoirs said...

so very very sweet. You are so right too! Thanks for the beautifully written reminder for all of us moms!

Sara said...

Morgan looks like she's having so much fun. Of course, she always looks like that!