Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Day Of School, A Little Late

First days are always a mix of emotions. We are all so very excited to start a new year. New friends, new teachers, new clothes. Everything new. But it does mean summer is over, and that is always a little sad. This is the one picture of both kids on the first day. Chad will no longer allow pictures with his teacher in the classroom. Thank heavens for Morgan! Morgan has Mrs. Borden this year. She is very happy to be starting 2nd grade. The first week Mrs. Borden let the kids pick their own table mates. Morgan of course sat at a table with all girls. She loved it, the other little girl in the picture is a friend from 1st grade. Morgan is so excited about this year; her teacher has lots of fun plans for the class.
Chad, who I have no classroom picture of LOVES his teacher, Mrs. Reed. Now if you happen to have a boy child you understand when your son comes home and will not stop talking that is a good sign. His teacher this year was the science teacher of the year for the state last year. She has done some sort of science every day so far. The first major project the class had was to make an archaeological dig about themselves. Take a box fill it with 5-8 things that represent yourself add rice or beans to cover. Then another classmate "digs" for the stuff and determines who he is learning about. Chad loved it!
It may be to soon to tell but I think this year may be a good one at school. Lets hope so!

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My name is Andrea said...

How fun...I love Mrs. Borden and Mrs. Reed! Parker had Betsy. She is a great teacher! I didn't get any of Parker inhis class for hte same reason, not so cool.