Friday, February 4, 2011


OK friends I need some help! There is the contest on Facebook at my favorite Realtors office!
So truth be told this is my cute Mother in law and my even cuter sister in law! Yep I went there! They recently opened a brand new office! They truly rock. If you need any buying or selling your house call them! I promise they are incredible!
The contest is for a gift certificate to Ruth's Chris! I entered it the very first day I could. Not so much because I wanted to win but rather I wanted them to win. Each person who "likes" their page is a potential client. BUT the contest ends the day before my husbands 40th birthday! What a great way to celebrate!
As it gets closer to the end of this competition I am suddenly having some stiff competition. I could really use some help. If you are on facebook will you go through the steps to "like"
Which is located about halfway down the page on the left hand side of the page. It is in that facebook script you know? THEN you need to look to the RIGHT and you will see a post saying it's contest time, about two comments down. Then you click on view comments....THEN you click "like" on my comment!
Phew!!! I know that this is a lot! But pretty please help me out??
And here is where you can find


Sarah said...

Well, there's certainly no one whose tried harder than you!!

Betsy said...

You are amazing!! Thanks for getting in the spirit of the fun! Love ya tons!