Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a New Year

Some years I would set goals knowing I would never attain them.

Some years I set goals believing this was the year to attain them.

Some years I set no goals.

This year I decided to set only attainable goals. Things that were very important to me. Things I knew that were significant enough that I would think of them often.

Basically I have 3 goals for the year.

First, and in very important order!

To become closer to and live a more Christ centered life. To focus on things that will bring me closer to Him. Thngs that will bring my family closer to Him. Actions that will share with others without question my testimony of Him.


To become more disciplined in my life. I am not going to break this down into tiny goals. Rather the goal is to not procrastinate so much. To finish what I start. To organize the closets more often. To spend more time with my family. To not put off the things I don't want to do. Then I will have more time to do the things I do want to do!


To make my health a priority. This past year I was blessed beyond imagination. I was relieved to find that I do not have the BRCA gene mutation that my dear sister had. That my other sister has. That my darling niece has. I was in a car accident that could have been so much worse. I feel like I have a strong healthy body and I need to take better care of it. That my whole family is stong and healthy. But that if we don not make our health a priortiy it may not always be that way.
I plan to move more. Eat more healthy food and less junk. Sorry kids that means less cookies for you!
A dear friend who is amazingly strong (actually in all the areas I have set goals for myself) recommended this book to me. Yep Martha I mean you!

It is one of those books that makes you really stop and think. I am not 50 yet and have really been enjoying it. Do not wait until you are 50 to read it. The information in it are things you can and should be doing today.

So that's it for me.

Be more Christlike
Be more self disciplined
Eat better and move more
Good luck to you in any goals you may have set!
I think 2011 is going to be a great year!

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Sara Jane said...

i loved that post and i also went to that link and totally just bought that book. sounds like a great way to start the year. thanks. xoxo