Friday, August 13, 2010

A Happy Day

It may have been noted; I have not been posting very often! Pretty much nothing personal at all. It has been quite sad in the MacQueen home. Well mostly just me but still I am a MacQueeen!
My Camera broke! Oh No! Oh Yes, it did. It has been broken for a long time. I am sure anyone can do the math and figure out when the posting drastically dropped off. Well, I had decided my camera was not worth the cost of repair. I would just save for the one I like. Only it costs quite a bit of money. Meanwhile holidays have come and gone all the while NO PICTURES! I tried not to complain. To suffer in silence. Really anyone who know me know that there is no such thing as silence when associated with me! So I complained and whined...mostly just to my cute hubby.
So today the problem has been fixed! My camera is now working again! Even better then ever. And get cost $54.00 to fix!
Oh happy day!
So check back because there is some catching up to do!

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