Sunday, January 31, 2010

Krispy Kreme Donut Burger

We recently watched an episode of Man V. Food. They were traveling around the country to several different baseball stadiums. In Illinois they had the strangest burger we had ever seen. So we decided to give it a try!

It starts off in a reasonable manner...burger, bacon and extra sharp cheddar cheese. Now it gets slice a Krispy Kreme donut in half, like a bun. Next you place it cut side down to kinda grill it. Place the burger on top of the rounded side and top with the other half. Everyone said it tasted awesome on the show. So we thought why not. Lets try something crazy and make these on Sunday.

Well let me give you the results:

Morgan = says it was sweet, the bacon was good, and she would have it again.

Chad = spit it out immediately saying it was disgusting! He said you can eat a donut or a burger but not a donut burger!

Charlie = It has a bit of everything, sweet, salty, meaty. He said for those who like tangy meat it would be good. He does not even like teriyaki because it is sweet. He would only it again if we were at the ball field where they make them.

Me = the flavor was fun. I do enjoy sweet meat. It was interesting. The truth is that I can hardly post about this because I feel like I am going to toss my cookies! I only ate a couple bites and they are not sitting well at all! Would I try them again? Not a chance!


homegirl said...

That just sounds nasty! :)

My name is Andrea said...

How funny! I think it sounds gross too, I'm with Chad, you can have a burger OR a donut, but not BOTH!!

Sara Jane said...

its the donut ham hamburger. google jim gaffagan with that title. funny!

New Every Morning said...

I have friends that say a KK is good any way you put it, but this just might test their loyalty to the KK. =)

V and Co. said...

hey trisha! i need your email address so i can send you the anywhere bag pattern! :) thanks for being able to help!!! -V